Adriana Rossi

  The reason I am drawn to take photographs of my little sister Alessandra is because I can relate to her. We are both in a period of transition. Alessandra is right on the cusp of adolescence, which is a time in her life that is marked by biological, mental, and spiritual instability. Everything is uncertain. The same is true of my life and the life of my peers right now. About to graduate from college, I am more unsure than ever about my living arrangements and career choices. Although at different ages, together we search for the meaning to the ever-elusive concepts of "adolescence" and "adulthood". I notice the different identities that Alessandra explores; I have become aware of the things that she has began to fear, and how she has become self-aware of those fears. I observe the relationships that she sprouted with the people around her as they are incorporated into her ever growing social latticework of support. I watch Alessandra grow into herself as she approaches this stage of life with an interesting blend of insouciance, curiously, and trepidation. My images are personal and psychological as they capture humorous, tender, and sometimes awkward moments in Alessandra's progression toward adolescence and beyond.

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